OTM Quartz Collection - Commitment to Sustainability

  1. Efficient use and conservation of energy is accomplished by using the latest BRETONSTONE® SYSTEM, which is the internationally patented technology of Breton S.p.A, Italy. Using the latest machinery increases productivity with the consumption of less energy. The dust collection system not only provides a clean air environment but also uses a computer controlled, variable frequency drive system that is programmed to run at the necessary capacity level that conserves a considerable amount of electricity. The process recycles 94% of the water used in production by making use of Italian-designed settling and filtering techniques.
  2. More than 90% of the OTM Quartz Collection slabs are composed of inert material with a stone consistency, which is usually quartz, granite, marble and natural stone, in general, coming from either crushed waste stone left over in quarries or recycled industrial wastes, such as fragments of ceramic, silica, glass, mirrors, etc.
  3. Upholding Oregon Tile & Marble’s commitment to the environment, the manufacturers of our quartz have installed technology to clean PVA agent from the slab by collecting it in a dust collection bag, thereby, preventing it from flowing along with the water. They have installed a turbo ventilation system to lower temperatures in the facility and have a storm water harvesting site for water conservation, which simultaneously enhances the beauty of the landscape.