Porcelain And Ceramic - Plane Porcelain

Measuring 120” x 60” x 6mm, Plane Porcelain is ideal for residential and commercial installations – kitchen counters, vanity tops, shower surrounds, floor & wall applications and cladding. Unlike natural stone, Plane Porcelain does not require sealing and will retain its polished or honed finish under all types of high-use conditions. The thin-porcelain technology allows for easy application over existing tile (which eliminates tear-outs, saving you time and money), and is also much lighter and easier to install than traditional stone slabs. Two workers can easily pick up one slab to apply to counters, walls or floors! Installation is easy as well with trowel applied porcelain thinset mortar. Cutting is a breeze when using a grinder with a cutting wheel, or better yet, traditional slab cutting equipment can be used.