Doge Mosaic in Black Polished

Named for the Doge Palace, the fabulous home of the Dukes of Venice who ruled the republic during the height of its power, our Doge mosaic draws from the Cosmati style of opus sectile, or “cut work,” that originated in Rome before the Renaissance. A timeless pattern in four distinct colorways, Doge is crafted from exquisite marble, polished and finished with a precision worthy of its proud heritage. White polished is Thassos & Calacatta Gold; Light Grey polished is Thassos & Bianco Carrara; Grey polished is Bianco Carrara & Bardiglio; Black polished is Nero Marquina & Statuary. 3/4” Triangle Mosaic, 12-1/8” x 11-7/16” x 3/8” (0.96 sf)


Doge Black - Nero Marquina and Statuary marble
Doge Grey -  Bianco Carrara and Bardiglio marble
Doge Light Grey - Thassos and Bianco Carrara marble
Doge White - Thassos and Calacatta Gold marble


Mosaic on approx. 12"x12" sheet


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