Saigon Porcelain Hex by Artistic Tile

From rolling hills of lavender to centuries-old vineyards, the quaint beauty of the French countryside is an inspiration to artists and interior designers alike. Influenced by the hallmarks of French Provincial style, Saigon is a classic hexagonal porcelain that fuses a cement-look with pastoral charm. Comprised of three distinctive patterns and three solid colors in a muted palette, the 13-1/2" x 13-1/2" collection permits unique combinations and blends of your choosing. Exclusive to Artistic Tile in the United States.


Saigon Light Grey Matte Hexagon
Saigon Blue Matte Hexagon
Saigon Black Matte Hexagon
Saigon Arc Matte Hexagon
Saigon Circle Matte Hexagon
Saigon Triangle Matte Hexagon


13" Hex


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