Cemento Silver Sage 24x24 Solid and Deco

The cross between a chic-modern and a rustic-vintage look, the Cemento Collection comes in ashen, cement-look colors of Baler, Classico, Silver Sage, and Titan. With options of a Bullnose trim, a 1.5”x1.5” Mosaic mix in Polished and Matte finishes, and sizes of 12”x24” & 24”x24”, this Collection also includes two distressed-look accent Decos available in each color.

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Cemento Baler
Cemento Baler Deco 1
Cemento Baler Deco 2
Baler 1.5x1.5 matte/polished mosaic
Cemento Classico
Cemento Classico Deco 1
Cemento Classico Deco 2
Classico 1.5x1.5 matte/polished mosaic
Cemento Silver Sage
Cemento Silver Sage Deco 1
Cemento Silver Sage Deco 2
Silver Sage 1.5x1.5 matte/polished mosaic
Cemento Titan
Cemento Titan Deco 1
Cemento Titan Deco 2
Titan 1.5x1.5 matte/polished mosaic


1-1/2"x1-1/2" Mosaic


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