Porcelain & Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic tile is made from clay and other natural materials and fired at high temperatures. With state of the art “ink jet technology” and artisan glazing techniques, our tile will provide looks that mimic natural stone, hardwood and textiles. It is impervious to most staining and comes in a variety of colors, sizes, designs and finishes, from contemporary styles to classic looks.

Plane Porcelain

Measuring 120” x 60” x 6mm, Plane Porcelain is ideal for residential and commercial installations – kitchen counters, vanity tops, shower surrounds, floor & wall applications and cladding. Unlike natural stone, Plane Porcelain does not require sealing and will retain its polished or honed finish under all types of high-use conditions. The...


This style of porcelain tile replicates the look of rustic and rough brick and terracotta in a variety of earthy tones - from sandy beiges to rusty reds and rich browns.  We even have some painted brick looks in black and white. Often they come in square, brick and hexagon shapes.

Concrete Look Tile

Porcelain tiles, mimicking the look and style of stamped/stained concrete, offer consistent color and provide durability for the life of the project.

Metallic Look Tile

These unique lines of glazed porcelain stoneware provide a subtle metallic look featuring smooth, cloudy finishes. From steel grey to copper red, their partial metallic sheen offers continually varying reflections, according to the angle of incident light.

Natural Stone Look Tile

From marble and travertine to slate and limestone, natural stone-look porcelain tile offers the beauty and variation of stone, but without the maintenance of real stone.  These engineered options include rough and polished finishes to resemble rough, gauged slate or smooth, polished marble.

Solid Color Porcelain (no pattern)

These porcelain tiles are solid in color without any pattern or texture - just a solid colored surface.  They offer a clean, subtle look with zero variation for your surfaces.

Textile Look Tile

Tiles designed to mirror and capture the nuance and beauty of textiles like fabric, leather, linen and paper, with the use of high-end inkjet technology.  These tiles feature subtle striations for a textured look, with a hint of depth.

Wood Look Tile

Drawing inspiration from their real wood counterparts, our wood-look porcelain tile offers the warmth of hardwood with the enduring qualities of tile. Through advancements in digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing procedures, we are able to replicate realistic textures and shading variations that make them nearly indistinguishable from...

Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic wall tiles are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes. Many of the product series offer trims, borders and decorative pieces that add a finishing touch to your design project.