Mosaics, Borders & Decoratives

To create a truly unique accent to your tile or stone, we offer a wide variety of mosaics in glass, metal, shell, natural stone, and porcelain and ceramic. From shower floors to kitchen backsplashes, you will find inspiration to complete your project.


Ceramic mosaics combine the look of a mesh-mounted mosaic with the advantages of the ceramic wall tiles. Convenient to use and faster to install, these wall tile mosaics are the perfect choice for consumers and designers alike.


Encaustic tile is inspired by European and Moroccan geometric patterns. The organic shapes with contemporary colors are sophisticated and simple. We offer cement and porcelain options.

Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaics, with richness and beauty, allow colors and light to be the design focus in these multi-hue options.  Because most choices come mounted on 12"x12" mesh sheets, they are easy to install as a backsplash or decorative border in kitchens, bathrooms, showers or pools & spas.

Glass & Mixed Materials

Mosaics with a variety of material blends such as glass, natural stone, metal, shell or porcelain

Glass & Stone

Glass mosaics mixed with a variety of natural stone including marble, slate and travertine.


Aluminum decorative strips add a modern flair to any design.


Mosaics created from the porcelain field tile.  From 2"x2" mosaics mounted on 12"x12" sheets to larger format facia moretto mosaics.


Natural stone mosaics, in river rock, marble, onyx, slate, travertine and limestone, include lines from our Artisan Collection, Bali Stone and Artistic Tile. 

Water Jet

Mosaics are created using a process performed by a highly pressurized and concentrated stream of water and mineral cutting abrasives. Water jets are particularly useful in cutting elaborate curves and patterns.