OTM-Bedrosians Collection

The new OTM-Bedrosians Collection is our initial selection of Bedrosians porcelain and ceramic tile and mosaics, glass tile and mosaics and the Plane Collection (previously ThinSlab Porcelain) that have been selected specifically to complement and reflect the nature and tones of the Pacific Northwest. Ranging from contemporary to classic design options, you will find a product to fit your project and your mood. This collection will continue grow significantly over the next year, so please check back regularly.

Dagny Fabrique (TCRDAG)

Dagny Silver 12x24 fabric look porcelain tile

Dagny Fabrique Collection, a cross-hatch linen look porcelain tile in five colors, Denimun, Gray, Silver, Taupe, and White, draws inspiration from the intricate texture and movement of fabric.

Distressed (TCRWD)

Distressed wood-look porcelain in Ciliegia

The Distressed Collection is a porcelain collection that mimics a charming rustic and distressed wood look. Accessible in three ravishing colors: Betulla, Ciliegia & Noce, it is also available in two sizes of 8"x 24" and 8"x 36".

Eclipse (GLSECP)

Eclipse Espresso random interlocking mosaic

Inspired by the nature and everyday life, the Eclipse Collection, a glass and stone mosaic, creates a celestial atmosphere to any space. This collection is versatile as it coordinates well with a variety of stones and porcelain tiles.

Enchante (FIOENC)

Enchante Moderno - FIOENCMOD88DECO

Designed to replicate hand-painted cement tiles, the Enchante Collection delivers the aesthetic of encaustic cement tile in a low maintenance, durable color-body porcelain. Select one of our 8”x8” tiles in repeating three patterns: Charm, Splendid and Moderno.


Epic Pearl wood-look porcelain tile

The Epic wood grain porcelain collection embodies what the word "epic" itself traditionally represents: a long, poetic narration of the actions and adventures of legendary - often heroic - people or events in history.

European (TCRWE)

European French Oak - wood-look porcelain

The European Collection allows you to bring the wood tones of European's wooded groves into your space with its colors of French Oak, London Light Oak, Italian Walnut, Spanish Acacia, and European Beech.


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