Mini-Slab Collection

For an affordable granite or marble surface, our Mini-Slab Collection is sure to deliver. These large format stone tiles are 18” x 26” x ½”*, have one polished edge and comprise 3.25 sf.  They are rectified to allow the smallest grout joint for the least amount of seams possible. The Mini-Slab Collection is ideal for Do-It-Yourself projects, allowing for a stone slab appearance without the added cost of fabrication.  Every tile has one 18" polished edge.  To create your edge profile, you can cut 1" to 2" inches from the unpolished back edge then add it to the front edge to make flush and recessed profiles.  Other exposed edges can be sanded and lightly beveled to match the factory polished edge. Choose any of the stones below for your next kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or wall application, including fireplace surrounds and shower walls.   *Carrara polished and honed marble tiles are 3/8" thick.

Absolute Black (GRNABSBLK)

Absolute Black - GRNABSBLKSLAB3P

Absolute Black is a pitch black granite speckled with dark grey flecks. This granite is available in three finishes, polished, honed and satin. It comes in 2cm and 3cm slabs, plus 12"x12" and 18"x26" tile. Previously called Black Absolute Super.

Blue Pearl (1166)

Blue Pearl Granite - GS/OTM/1166

Blue Pearl is a consistent metallic blue granite with iridescent black and gray flecks.  This granite is available in 2cm and 3cm slabs, plus 12"x12" and 18"x26" tile. The 18"x26" tile has been discontinued.  Please check stock before ordering.

Coast Green (1323)

Coast Green Granite - GT/OTM/1323-86

Coast Green is a beautiful green speckled granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, vanities, bar tops and fireplace surrounds. This tile has been discontinued.  Please check stock before ordering.

Coffee Brown (1456)

Coffee Brown Granite - GS/OTM/1456

Coffee Brown is a granite (in both polished and satin finishes) with striking combo of speckled black and brown chunks. The 18"x26" tile has been discontinued. Check stock before ordering.

Colonial Cream (1434)

Colonial Cream - 1434

Colonial Cream polished granite has white/ivory patterns, with gold and brown veins. Due to its complex mineral content no two batches of this granite will look alike.  It's available in slab and 18x26 tile.

Kashmere Gold (1278)

GS/OTM/1278 - Kashmere Gold Granite

Kashmere Gold granite is a yellow-brown granulite with some single, brown-red garnets. It's available in slab and 18x26 tile. The 2cm size is being phased out. Please check stock before ordering.

Santa Cecelia (GRNSANCEC)

Santa Cecelia Granite - GRNSANCECSLAB3P

Santa Cecelia granite is a stunning creamy gold stone that is loved for its depth and beauty. We carry this is slab and tile, in both polished and satin finishes. Previously named Giallo Santa Cecilia.

Tan Brown (1247)

Tan Brown Granite Slab - GS/OTM/1247

Tan Brown is a polished dark brown granite with reddish brown chunks.  It's available in slab and 12x12 tile.  The 18x26 tile has been discontinued. Please check stock before ordering.


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