Jeffrey Court

Founded in 1991 out of a love of craft and dedication to innovation, Jeffrey Court designs and purveys the highest quality decorative ceramic, natural stone and glass tile, with a variety of mosaics at the best value for its customers. Its cornerstones: commitment to fashion-forward design, constant product improvement, has made the company a leader in the decorative tile industry.

Jeffrey Court University: Video Information: basic terminology, some design basics, new collections as they are released, and a forum in which viewers can request additional subject matter using social media and the #AskJCU hashtag.

The concept of Jeffrey Court University was born out of the need to continuously educate on our customer’s time frame. In today’s strengthening market, professionals are incredibly busy. By using technology to deliver the JCU program online and by making it available 24-7, we aim to set the bar for training and product knowledge.

Align (Ch.11)

Align Herringbone Styx in Suede and Trax Pale

The word Align captures the essence of Chapter 11 perfectly. One defi nition for the word “align” is related to symmetry “to be placed in a line”, with another being “to bring components or parts into a desirable coordination”.

Ashland & Halsted (Ch. 12)

Cadmium Industrie glass mosaics and Titanium District Brick

Chapter 12 Ashland & Halsted is by far Jeffrey Court's most ambitious collection ever released, and an absolute work of passion. For years they have been brainstorming on what “Industrial Chic” means and how it can be translated into tile.

Atlas (Ch.17)

Chapter 17 - Atlas in Spanish Moss 3x6 field with moldings

Drawn on inspiration from old world travels, Chapter 17 - Atlas is comprised of four beautiful colors: Cobblestone, Riverwash, Sandbar and Spanish Moss, four mosaic patterns, three field sizes (3x12, 3x6, 4x4), and three moulding pieces appropriately named after Atlas terms.

Breakwater (Ch.10)

Chapter 10-Breakwater Sand

Chapter 10 Breakwater brings a very sophisticated West Coast feel to ceramics courtesy of renowned Californian textile designer Katerina Tana. The collection brings the much desired image of coastal living to any environment.

Classic Statuario (Ch.15)

Chapter 15 - Classic Statuario

Chapter 15 - Classic Statuario is all about the white Statuario stone. Boasting six field sizes, nine mosaic patterns, four moulding pieces, and three water jet borders, all elements of Classic Statuario has been meticulously designed to compliment and subtly contrast each other.

Crossroads (Ch.7)

Y-72605 Midnight Marble Benevolent Blend Mosaic

Sleek grey & taupe tones from Chapter 3 Stream Stone; A Subtle tan from Chapter 11 Align; Beautiful rustic quartz and slate shades from Chapter 9 Pietra Opus; Elegant whites from Chapter 16 Park Place, and an all new silk black known as “Midnight Marble” served to build the platform by which Chapter 7 Crossroads creates symm

Duality (Ch.14)

Much like “Ying & Yang,” Chapter 14 - Duality has a split personality. It represents the contrast of its main elements; stone & glass, as well as the shape and make up of the mosaics themselves. Cool smooth glass is coupled with warm rugged stone.

Ledger Stone (414)

Jeffrey Court’s Ledger Stone panels are beautiful natural stones designed for both commercial and residential installations. Comprised of 100% natural stone, Ledger Stone is ideal for both interior and exterior wall applications.

Nob Hill (Ch.6)

Crocker Gold Coit Pattern Mosaic

Chapter 6 - Nob Hill is a stone tile and mosaic collection designed with classic quality and good taste. Its reminiscent of the fine homes built in the city of San Francisco after the turn of the century belonging to oil tycoons and bankers living on Nob Hill.


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