Artistic Tile

Bring art and design into your space with Artistic Tile, Oregon Tile & Marble's luxury tile, stone and mosaics collection. This line offers endless options ranging from glass, natural stone, porcelain and many innovative waterjet mosaics.


A river runs through it. Varied sizes of smooth river stones of Carrara marble, Botticino limestone, granites and sea shells, floating in a clear or colored resin brings the essence of a mountain stream into your space. This series in available in 12"x12" tiles and 32"x72" slabs and several color options.

Saginaw (SSAG)

Saginaw modular limestone from Artistic Tile

Saginaw, Michigan was an American Lumber Boomtown, its river swollen with logs floating down to the city’s busy sawmills. Today, we introduce an ode to the lumber boom years with Saginaw, a textured modular limestone with timberland patterns and a woodsy aesthetic.

Sahara (PSA)

Sahara Dark Grey

Colors, textures and shades that envelop, engage and thrill the senses. Sahara offers subtle colors enhanced by an undulated polished surface in a large format porcelain, recreating the natural erosion of stone over countless generations.

Saigon (PSAI)

Saigon Porcelain Hex by Artistic Tile

From rolling hills of lavender to centuries-old vineyards, the quaint beauty of the French countryside is an inspiration to artists and interior designers alike.

Shagreen (PSHAG)

Shagreen Grey high-honed porcelain tile from Artistic Tile

From the halls of the ancient pharaohs, to the armor of the legendary samurai, Shagreen has been a revered material for centuries. Today, it is best known as an art deco staple, denoting exoticism and high fashion luxury.

Siam (SSIA)

Artistic Tile's Siam Metallic Etched/Leaf Stone 12x24
 In 1933 British author James Hilton described the mystical valley of Shangri-La as the ultimate paradise. Using the centuries-old Aquaforte etching technique, Siam creates a lush art deco motif in a lightly textured, golden metallic wall tile.

Sinuous (SMN)

Sinuous Mosaic - Ming Green (Musee Collection from Artistic Tile)

Sinuous marble mosaics are an intricate design, skilled craftsmanship, and attractive price encompass Musee. Refined detailing once accessible to few is now accessible to all. Well thought out patterns interlock effortlessly in an easy-to-install format.

Sonata (PSNT)

Sonata Porcelain Tile from Artistic Tile

Sonic waves ripple with energy, playing across the surface of Sonata. This large format porcelain adds movement to neutral colorways, livening spaces with a cool subtlety. Available in white, grey and dark grey, 24"x24".

Starburst (SLUM)

Grand Tour Starburst

Luminous, metallic, and celestial - this decorative tile puts a new spin on the look of its sister product, Lumina. Finely etched beams of light orbit around the central point of four 6"x6" square metal-wrapped stone tiles, creating a spiral reminiscent of a distant galaxy.


Studs Blue Blend - Thassos, Azul Cielo, Ming Green

Simultaneously fresh and retro, the applications for these round stone mosaics are limitless. Circular tiles are a staple of residential and commercial design; Studs are unique in their smaller size and our use of classic stone in their creation. A traditional yet relaxed aesthetic.


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