Artistic Tile

Bring art and design into your space with Artistic Tile, Oregon Tile & Marble's luxury tile, stone and mosaics collection. This line offers endless options ranging from glass, natural stone, porcelain and many innovative waterjet mosaics.


Etoile is Artistic Tile’s crisp, modern version of a Moorish classic. Cut with precision waterjet machines to an exacting dimension, Etoile adds a refined, cultured style to any project.

Homestead (CHOM)

Homestead Blue

Presenting Homestead, an Italian ceramic collection with a decidedly country aesthetic. Homestead’s patchwork configuration, stone washed colors and quilt-like patterns evoke a simpler lifestyle, elegantly presented in a 3"x3" tile in a 12x1

Hydraulic (PHY)

Hydraulic Black and Blue Porcelain Tile

From 19th Century Southern France to 21st Century America, the Hydraulic 12"x12" porcelain collection brings a new face to old world decorative tile.

Ironworks (PMET)

Ironworks Steel - metallic porcelain

 The Ironworks Collection is a brilliantly innovative glazed porcelain from Spain, designed to resemble sturdy sheets of aged metal. Its metallic appeal conjures up images of a hip loft where cultured contemporaries collect for well-crafted cocktails.


Artistic Tile - Jardin Bloom ceramic tile

Inspired by botanical gardens; beautifully handcrafted white clay-body ceramic wall tile, elegantly crafted and glazed by American Artisans. The Jardin collection brings a horticultural element to your space. 

Jazz Glass

Scales in Blue Blend from Artistic Tile

Full of life and pizzazz, Jazz Glass is the opposite of dull and drab. Be daring; activate your space with our vivacious Jazz Glass patterns, hand-crafted from stained glass manufactured in the United States. Bold color and intricate hand-work make these mosaics truly one-of-a-kind.

Kauri (PKAU)

Kauri wood-inspired porcelain tile - Tasman Blue

Found only in New Zealand, Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable wood in the world and shows extraordinary grain qualities not found in any other species. It is this treasured resource that inspired the Kauri Collection from Artistic Tile. With the look of petrified wood, Kauri’s porcelain tiles are glazed and highly polished.


Kyoto Ceramic Wall Tile

The Kyoto Collection, aptly named for the former imperial capital of Japan, is organically born of unrefined clays creating a roughly textured glazed surface. Every brick shape tile of Kyoto is unique; if you are lucky, you might even get a fleck of blue or brown from the mineral content.


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